48 hours in Brighton

Ok so welcome to my new blog! I have been really excited to start this as I have been wanting a way to share my thoughts through different types of medium. I have tried all the different types of social media however there is nothing like sitting down after a long day with a cup of tea a digestive biscuit and a blank piece of paper to jot down all the weird and wonderful things that have happened in that day.

So to start this new blog post i have decided to talk to you about my travels to Brighton this week.

We arrived in Brighton on Thursday the 7th of April and soon we were hit by this amazing burst of colour that Brighton just holds. The weather forecast said rain was due later that day (being my pessimistic self i believed it…) however that sun was beaming and I felt automatically at home. Just walking from the station to the main town there was street art and people with incredible charisma booming out the edges.

Once we got settled in the place we were staying the first thing that came to my mind was I have to get a really nice photograph of the sun setting by the waves at the beach, being Cambridge based i had always been wanting to get closer to the sea, its just so peaceful it just stimulates so many thoughts and wonderful ideas. I am one of those people who gets all my great ideas really late at night when I can’t do anything about them…. it really sucks! So after un packing I grab my camera and dash down to the beach where I can see the sun slowly going down past the clouds. This might sound weird and all my friends think i am mad but I get so excited over the sky and sun sets but I think they are just completely mesmerizing… this is a photo I got from that night at the beach


This photo was taken on my canon 700d DSLR camera. I love this photo and i am really happy I had the chance to go down and get this shot as it really was one of the main reasons I chose to go to Brighton this week.

The thing is I would be lying if I said this was the best sunset that i managed to see this week. Me my sister and her friend walked over the hills near where we were staying and I will never forget this night, the sun was beaming and was popping through the clouds it was completely surreal! being the budding photographer I am I wanted to get some cool silhouette shots so I did….IMG_5743

I was in complete amazement with this photo! I could not believe my eyes.. and you can ask my sister I was so giddy all the way back ranting on and on about this one photo. Now this is why I came to Brighton, not for the two p machines, not for the fair rides over the oceans and most definitely not for the crazy night life but for this sort of amazing experience with the ones I love in the places I love. On this trip up to the top of the hills I did something i never thought I would do… I let my sister have a go on my camera! that might not seem to ridiculously ludicrous however that camera is my passion and I was brave but please that I let her take a photo of me with it because being the photographer and i am sure that other photographers can agree with me it is really frustration that you never get any good photos of your self!


Anyway this photo I am extremely pleased with.. thanks to my sister (shout out to Hannah Kirkham.)

Now I think we could say here that the sky was literally on fire! “this sky is on fire…. this sky is on fireeee.” that was what I was singing all the way back….

So I am sad to say that I wonderful trip is slowly coming to a end however I will say one thing Brighton this is not that last you will see of me! I will be back and I will be back with much more camera gear and many more wonderful creative and fantastic ideas.

I hope you enjoyed my first official blog post…

Jan Kirkham